In order to disrupt dominant power relations acclaimed by the global west and nation-state view, these artists offer an optional artistic approach that has been imagined and articulated in their work. This attempt reflects and embodies ways of perceiving and sensing the surrounding to dismantling system under the dominant discussion of history, gender, representation, sovereignty and ethnography.

I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me)…*

Curated and organized by RUBANAH Underground Hub, the exhibition features new works from nine young artists. The exhibition potters about the practices of each artists’ involved with the intention to unravel their practices and motivations.

PRIMITIVE MORNINGS by Filippo Sciascia

Art and science have long coexisted, and are both essential in the way we understand and examine our world around us. In contemporary times both forces have converged, where creativity is crucial in understanding our scientific legacy using an artistic lens. Filippo Sciascia’s works are an enquiry into the relationship between art and science.

DECEMBER oleh Bunga Yuridespita

Bunga Yuridespita mencoba merenungkan identitas dirinya dengan menggunakan strategi representasi diri. Diri kemudian Ia representasikan dengan abstraksi dari ruang-ruang yang berkesan dalam memori pribadinya. 


This exhibition departs from the archiving of the process of diorama-making in a number of national museums in Java that were made by Edhi Sunarso (1932-2016). Together with the artists in this exhibition, Hyphen — tries to uncover the complexity of procedural, bureaucratic, technical production, as well as the emotional struggle of creating the miniature of our national history.

MON-FRI oleh Meliantha Muliawan

Amidst the mundane routines of life, the mind and body will always resist. The body will stop to sit and sleep. The mind will look for other realities through the making of fiction. In this exhibition, the work of Meliantha Muliawan is an attempt to recreate how fiction emerges to resist the predictability of life routines.

NIRKIAS oleh M. Irfan

This exhibition brings you Irfan’s new body of works. He pushed himself to go beyond image-making and into experience-generating. Not that he exiled from his meticulous and highly calculated image production, but, this time his images actually needed us to be a part of it. Irfan’s installative works calls for us, humans, to coexist around them in order to be complete, to be concrete.