Liza Markus

Liza Markus (b. 1995, Jakarta) is an Indonesian art practitioner trained as a sculptor at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. … More

R.E. Hartanto

R.E. Hartanto (Tanto), (b. Bandung, 1973) received formal training in Fine Arts from the Painting Studio, Faculty of Fine Arts … More

Jabbar Muhammad

Jabbar Muhammad (b. Bandung, 1986) completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts  (2008, 2012) from the Institute of … More

Bibiana Lee

BIBIANA LEE tries to incite a more critical consciousness of what is happening around her through her art works. Most … More


“ASRI teacher.” That was how the painter Sudarso often writes his own short biography. The main character in this research … More

Arham Rahman

Arham Rahman engages with post-colonial criticism as well as Lacanian psychoanalysis discourse in his approach to cultural studies. He is … More

Cecil Mariani

Cecil Mariani (b. 1978, Jakarta) is an artist, designer, lecturer, curator and researcher. Her practice combines aspects of academic work, … More