Bongkar gudang #2: HOODS, ROOTS, AND WHATNOT

Here, in Bongkar Gudang #2 Hoods, roots, and whatnot, we chose works that carry with them possibilities
of reducing distance. Works whose forms and ideas allow us to reflect upon the thought that no matter
where we are on the face of this earth, we are connected to one another.


In order to disrupt dominant power relations acclaimed by the global west and nation-state view, these artists offer an optional artistic approach that has been imagined and articulated in their work. This attempt reflects and embodies ways of perceiving and sensing the surrounding to dismantling system under the dominant discussion of history, gender, representation, sovereignty and ethnography.

I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me)…*

Curated and organized by RUBANAH Underground Hub, the exhibition features new works from nine young artists. The exhibition potters about the practices of each artists’ involved with the intention to unravel their practices and motivations.


This exhibition departs from the archiving of the process of diorama-making in a number of national museums in Java that were made by Edhi Sunarso (1932-2016). Together with the artists in this exhibition, Hyphen — tries to uncover the complexity of procedural, bureaucratic, technical production, as well as the emotional struggle of creating the miniature of our national history.


The exhibition explores nine different collections with two initial question: How artists perform a range of ideas, concepts and forms of bodies through their works; and how bodies are performed in the works. We question how these bodies (be it themselves, particular individuals, or fictional figures) appear, exist, represented, imagined, and engaged within these particular works.