Bibiana Lee

BIBIANA LEE tries to incite a more critical consciousness of what is happening around her through her art works. Most of her works are based on research of real – life events. Discrimination against minorities, injustice, repression, identity (politics), gender, as well as socio-economic, globalization and environmental issues are expressed through her 2 as well as 3-dimensional, interactive and video works often incorporating text or words over an array of media. Her works which often give voice to the voiceless, can be seen via her website:

In 2005, she was a finalist in IGDS (Indonesian Good Design Selection) for her Mbok Jamu ceramics/dinnerware design. In 2009, she received the Honorable Mention Award of the Art & Photography Exhibition of the Indonesian Heritage Society. She was a finalist in the Erlangga Installation Art Award 2022.

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