Arham Rahman

Arham Rahman engages with post-colonial criticism as well as Lacanian psychoanalysis discourse in his approach to cultural studies. He is interested in Indonesian art history and the political economy of art, and is involved in several art and cultural communities such as Erupsi (Academia of Psycholanalysis, Art, and Politics) and Colliq Pujie Art Movement. As an in-house curator at Galeri Lorong, Yogyakarta, Rahman has been addressing, among other issues, the socio-cultural realities and relational dimensions embedded in practices of craft, as in the exhibition Made of: Stories of the Material (2018). He was the director of the first Makassar Biennale in 2015, and became part of the Biennale Jogja Equator 5 curatorial team in 2019. Rahman has written a number of essays, some of which were published by Study on Art Practices (SOAP). He was also the editor for “Seni Kontemporer di Indonesia: Anotasi Bibliografi IVAA 1973-2020” published by the Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA) in 2020.

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