Cecil Mariani

Cecil Mariani (b. 1978, Jakarta) is an artist, designer, lecturer, curator and researcher. Her practice combines aspects of academic work, art and design, questioning the productive and reproductive, the visible and invisible as well as the problems of organisation. 

Her work has been exhibited widely, including the 2021 Jakarta Biennale “Esok”, and a solo exhibition at Galeri Kertas (Jakarta) in 2018. Cecil was also involved in a number of significant arts organizations in Jakarta, such as the Jakarta Arts Council (2020-2023, Board Member) and Komunitas Salihara (2008-2011), as well as being the founder of Prakerti Academy and Prakerti Collective Intelligence.

She received her Master’s Degree at the School of Visual Arts, New York in 2013, partially funded by the independent scholarship initiative that she founded with Lisabona Rahman and Felencia Hutabarat. As an academic, she lectures at the Master’s programme at the Institute of the Arts, Jakarta. Cecil is also the Principal Designer at Mariani Witabora.

Click here to check out Cecil’s Solo exhibition in RUBANAH.