kokok p. sancoko

born in nganjuk, 1974. lives and works in yogyakarta

formally trained as an interior designer at the isi yogyakarta (indonesia institute of the arts), kokok‚Äôs practice is characterized, on one hand, its consistently intense and rigorous experimentations within the traditions of painting as a practice, and on the other hand, creating connections between those traditions with the more immediate, lived experiences of his own surroundings. his paintings attempt to represent such lived experiences in their complex and nuanced nature, depicting images that are charged with emotional layers. 

kokok was the finalist of the phillip morris award (2003) and jakarta art award (2006) and has exhibited widely both in solo and group since 2000, amongst others in national portrait gallery, canberra; artjog; chang art gallery, beijing; whitespace-manila contemporary; sinsin fine arts, hong kong; nadi gallery, jakarta; biasa artspace, bali; jogja biennale & national gallery of indonesia.

click here to check out kokok’s solo exhibition in rubanah.