Kurt D. Peterson

Kurt Peterson was born in the Midwest farm state of Nebraska, USA in 1982. He spent many years there as a percussionist, performer, writer, and a visual and sound artist creating the stories of his Midwest home. He first discovered a broader art world in rural Southeast Nebraska at an experimental artist residency hidden quietly amid the endless miles of corn. Here in the most unlikely place he could have imagined, he was introduced to professional artists from around the world with a passion and
curiosity that would move him from his home. Peterson then made his way to Chicago to obtain a degree in fine arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a conceptually driven, museum based school
in the heart of downtown. Regardless of the medium at hand, Peterson considers his primary work to be that of a contemporary folk artist. He is a storyteller and mythologist. whose intention is to extract
and reflect upon the past, present, and future condition of communities in order to develop works that help create a holistic, purpose driven life for himself and others. Peterson is co-founder of Rumah Tangga, an idea-driven, artist-run art space and museum of living which began in Depok, West Java and which is now expanding itself as a concept. Rumah Tangga is founded upon the notion of curator as caretaker, and through this lens, Peterson has had the opportunity to facilitate forward thinking artists from Indonesia and abroad, while building a creative daily life of art making, gardening, sweeping the floor, and feeding the cats.