The Big Spill by Ella Wijt

11 June – 16 July 2022

In creating The Big Spill, it was of the utmost importance to Ella that this installation reflect her most honest capacity of ability and limitation at this time in her life. She created these works with a natural curiosity, a problem solving sense of “how?”, while allowing the “why?” to arise slowly from within, expanding in its own way and time. 

The Big Spill invites visitors into a space where they may simply be human, and where they may quietly reflect upon that humanity. Reflection in the sense of thoughtful consideration, though too, “reflection” as in a mirror. The installation creates a space upon which to cast oneself in the form of a question and to see oneself reflected back. One only needs the will to access that place inside from where that reflection is sent and received. With patience, any viewer will find this to be true of each individual element in the installation, and furthermore, in the constellation of meaning and value generated by the collective whole.

Kurt D. Peterson


The Big Spill
Pameran tunggal oleh/Solo exhibition of Ella Wjit
Dengan kurator/Curated by Kurt D. Peterson

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photo taken by Anisa Rianti